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2018 Campaign Platform

Platform Priorities

Restore a well-functioning city government

  • Strong leadership and accountable city management
  • Responsible and transparent use of tax dollars
  • Open and transparent city council
  • Inclusive committees and public engagement
  • Efficient permitting process

Strengthen our community

  • Action on affordable housing and homelessness
  • Revitalize and develop our downtown core
  • Mandate authentic engagement in Truth and Reconciliation
  • Empower our community organizations
  • Promote effective public transportation

Ensure a Healthy Environment

  • Re-establish the city advisory committee on environment
  • Restore and protect our city’s nature spaces and waterways
  • Improve recycling access and services
  • Incentivize the use of green technology

Grow a strong and diverse local economy

  • Strengthen city economic development program
  • Attract business and investment
  • Develop local food production sectors
  • Support small businesses
  • Promote arts and culture