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Meet Ben

Ben Geselbracht, Nanaimo City Councillor

I grew up in Nanaimo and I’m grateful to now serve my community as a city councillor and regional district director. 

I have an educational background in biology and ecology and have worked studying nature and the human impacts on it.   I am also a registered clinical counselor with a master’s degree and have previously worked in this capacity at the Brannen Lake Correctional Institute.  These experiences have developed within me a strong commitment to building a more environmentally sustainable and inclusive community. 

In 2013 I founded the Mid-Island Community Development Co-op with my partner Larissa and my brother Michael. Our team facilitates community projects that enhanced the health and well-being of local neighbourhoods.  


Volunteering is a big part of my life. I have given many hours of my time in service to our community. I have served on several non-profit boards, including the Nanaimo Recycling Exchange and the South End Community Association.

Prior to my election to Nanaimo City Council I served as an RDN committee member helping to development of our region’s new solid waste management plan. I’m grateful to have contributed to that process, and of the ambitious new goals that were set to increase recycling and improve the health of our environment.  I am now even more honored to play a part in implementing this plan as an elected RDN Board member and Chair of the Solid Waste Select Committee.  Although there is still much work to be done, our region is blazing a trail in waste reduction towards building the zero waste circular economy of the future.

In addition to my duties in solid waste at the Regional District I am also serving on several other committees involved with environmental stewardship, economic development, climate action and solid waste at regional and provincial tables.   My work as a Director-at-Large on the Union of BC municipalities has been very rewarding in understanding the many similar challenges other local governments face such as homelessness, addiction and mental health and then being able to advocate directly to the provincial government to help with change.


What is clear to me through my experiences is that success comes by working cooperatively to realize shared goals.  I am grateful to be currently working in local government for my community towards a positive vision of the future that is environmentally sustainable and full of opportunity for everyone.