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Nanaimo Council UBCM Resolution: Call for the Immediate Deferral of Logging in All At-Risk Oldgrowth in BC

Nanaimo Council will be voting Monday March 29th on a resolution to Call on the BC Government to follow through on the recommendations of the Old-growth Strategic Review which includes the immediate deferral of logging in all at-risk Old-Growth forests in B.C.  At-risk means the most productive, rare, oldest and most intact old-growth in the …

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Im running for re-election as a Director at Large on the Union of BC Municipalities #UBCM2020

This past year, it has been an honour to represent BC local governments on the Union of British Columbia Municipalities.    I am running for a second term as a Director-at-Large to continue  ensuring that the province works closely with local government to build resilient communities.  Building resilient communities is especially important in the face …

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Ben’s Nanaimo Council Update, April 2, 2020 – Covid-19 report and reflection

Some reports, updates and thoughts from my week on Council. The focus has been of course responding to the Covid-19 outbreak. Useful links for Covid-19 related information are listed throughout. City and RDN Covid-19 response at a glance City and RDN’s response to the Covid-19 outbreak had begun before provincial public health announcements and has …

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