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Help me raise funds to support people living with head injuries as part of the “Toss the Boss” fundraiser

Get a chance to toss me off a bridge by helping raise money to support individuals and families living with brain injuries. Donate here:     

I’m raising money as part of the “Toss the Boss” campaign to help survivors and families living with brain injury because much more resources are needed to properly meet the need.  Maybe because they are invisible to the naked eye, brain injuries do not get the attention they deserve.  This is despite the brain being the main organ that supports all of our faculties.    This lack of attention leads to many people with brain injuries still being expected to navigate life without support.  This is a near impossible task that not only leads to a struggle of deteriorating health for the person, but also for their family and larger community.  Brain injuries are also often a major factor that keeps an increasing number of people caught in the hopeless spiral of homelessness, mental health problems and addiction we see on our streets – this makes the call to action for greater support for survivors and families living with brain injury all the more pressing.

All proceeds raised will go towards supporting, educating, and advocating for adults with acquired brain injuries and their families, as well as increasing community awareness. Your donation will go towards funding the comprehensive set of programs at VBIS and NBIS and help us to continue to offer a safe and welcoming space for brain injury survivors – a home away from home.