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My Priorities

Results-oriented city government:

  • Strengthen an innovative results-oriented culture at city hall.
  • Increase accountability for progress on key strategic initiatives
  • Use council strategic plan objectives to drive policy priorities, budgeting, capital plan and advocacy at the provincial level.

More affordable housing: 

  • Allow more secondary suites. 
  • Pre-zone appropriate land parcels for affordable housing.
  • Align zoning bylaws with city plan density targets. 
  • Decrease building permit times by increasing professional reliance.
  • Encourage the development of family-oriented units.
  • Expand partnerships with non-profit housing providers.
  • Investigate a municipal housing corporation and public housing model.

A combined health, housing and community safety response to homelessness and social disorder: 

  • Increase civic leadership in co-ordinating an improved response to reducing homelessness.
  • Advocate strongly for provincial investment into complex care housing, addiction treatment, criminal justice reform and supportive housing to help people off the streets and into the right type of care.
  • Develop appropriate locations for shelters, harm reduction and outreach services, and ensure proper resourcing to maintain community safety.
  • Support development of co-ordinated access for increasing efficiency of community response.
  • Continue to support the Nanaimo community safety officer program, RCMP staffing levels and clean teams.

Climate action and environmental protection: 

  • Fully implement City and RDN climate action plans.
  • Complete the RDN waste plan implementation to reach 90% diversion of waste from landfill.
  • Increase retrofit programs for low carbon energy systems in buildings, and support these in all new builds.
  • Protect environmentally sensitive areas, and create more parkland including on the Nanaimo River.
  • Continue to invest in public transit and active transportation infrastructure.

A strong local economy that meets the needs of our community:

  • Reduce development and building permit times through increasing professional reliance
  • Advocate and secure funding for expanded Nanaimo hospital services.
  • Improve local food security through incentivizing production and markets.  
  • Continue investing in accessible recreational and community facilities.
  • Continue investing in Arts and Culture.
  • Conserve industrial lands and support use for emerging sectors
  • Continue to support the Nanaimo Prosperity Agency
  • Attract and develop businesses that convert waste to resources and contribute to a circular local economy. 
  • Continue expanding public transit and active transportation infrastructure. 
  • Continue with plans to develop the downtown core.